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Young Boss Media is a social impact media house providing International Press, Video Production, Training and Business Consulting to entrepreneurs and business executives in North America, Asia, and Africa. 

We help our clients grow their business and enhance their reputation by creating win-win partnerships that produce iconic images, new ideas, effective strategies, and long-term success. Contact us to learn more. 3D Logo

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What We Do Really Well

No matter how you express yourself, we strive to capture your highest self for the world to see and love

NYC Photography

Come to New York City and receive celebrity treatment. Photoshoot, Video Interview, Hair and Makeup, Brunch, Mimosas and more.

Digital Marketing

Searching for ways to increase your online visibility. Digital Marketing is the perfect way to do this.

Television Production

Looking to produce a talk show? We have the studio and production experience to take your brand to the next level.

Public Relations

Strategic consulting to position your brand and business in front of your target audience locally and globally.

International Press

Ready to take your brand international? Allow us to have your brand featured in international magazines for foreign buyers and sellers to see your business.

Chamber of Commerce

The Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry has a network of 30,000 plus business executives in over 120 countries. We are the USA Chapter.

Young Boss Media Executives

Meet Our Leadership Team

We are led by international leaders committed to social change.


Dr. Monica Grant

Founder and CEO
Dr. Raphael Ajalie

Dr. Raphael Ajalie

VP of Global Operations
Chris 4 (1)

Chris Patterson

Creative Director


What People Say About Us

It has been so AMAZING to listen to Dr. Monica Grant PhD speech at Climate Social Forum. She is chapter president of the Rotary Passport Club of Social Entrepreneurs and she gave a speech on How Young Entrepreneurs can take the challenge of facing the multiple climate and social crises as an opportunity. I try to catch every word of her speech. It has been inspirational motivating and concrete. Her words will be part of my best quotes . Thank you Monica

Domenico Vito
Domenico Vito Environmental & Health Data Analyst 

Dr. Grant is a Humanitarian at heart. A dedicated Leader with a passion to uphold and to affirm the identity of the Black & minority communities. We recently hosted her at our Annual Business Conference at the Pan African Game Changers cohort as a Keynote speaker wherein she delivered an impeccable speech on the importance of Leadership & Game changing centered in the heart of the community. She is the Ultimate Game Changer .

Precious Gondwe, Esq Lawyer 

Dr. Monica is such a pleasure to work with and just an experience within herself. Her business skills and innovative ideas are nothing less than top notch and a much needed asset within any organization. Leadership is a specialty that comes natural to her and I'm honored to have the pleasure of witnessing and learning from one of the best in the business world.

Adrean Turner
Adrean Turner Supply Chain Buyer Specialist

My internship with Young boss Media was such a great opportunity for me and I want to tell you all about it. During this internship I was able to work with Dr. Monica Grant who was such a wonderful Supervisor. During this internship I had the opportunity on the company's website. I was able to edit, design and add many elements that would make this website successful!! After that I then moved on to the creative side of the internship!! I was happy because since I’m an artist myself this brought joy to my heart. I worked with canva and designed different flyers for the company’s website. Overall I had the best experience working with young boss media and their members !! Thank you for this opportunity

Glorious Osarenren Intern 2022

Dr. Monica Grant is a fiery leader and speaker committed to uplifting the minds of women and men around the world. She has businesses in Asia, Africa and the USA and has a unique way of telling her story in a way that is relatable to everyone. Her ability to connect with different audience is incomparable. I would recommend her for speaking engagements, leadership trainings, board positions and more. Cheers!

Anne Ethel Komlaga Executive Director and Social Entrepreneur 

Dr Grant is a reliable and a highly recommended project manager, organizational specialist. She has my highest respect as a business owner who gets the boxes checked and is very resourceful, I would recommend her to be a chief to lead, and she is a great teammate for any project.

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